Monday, March 19, 2012

Let Jesus be an example in Your life

For our citizenship is in heaven…the book of Philippians learns us that we are citizens of heaven, in Philippians 3 verse 20 you can read about that. (ASV) Citizens of heaven, wow that’s really great to be citizens of the kingdom of God. But how does a citizen from heaven act? Do you act the same as a citizen of the world or are you acting differently?
 When we look at the bible, then we can see that it is the idea to act differently when you are a citizen of heaven. When you are citizen of heaven, a child of God then you’re way of behaving  should not be the same as that from the world. We should act like Jesus acted when he was on earth, we should try to act and being more like Him. He not only gave His live for us but, he was a great example for us and showed us how to live our lives.
 Are you taking the life of Jesus as a example? Or do you know how to act like a citizen of heaven on your own?
 Follow Jesus, let Him be your example to live your life. Look at Him and try to do the same and when its hard or you don’t know how to act, pray, pray to Jesus and ask His help. I know for sure He will guide and help you.
 Greetings and God bless,

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