Thursday, February 16, 2012

Are you willing to give everything up and follow Jesus?

Luke 14: 33
So then, none of you can be My disciple who does not give up all his own possessions.
This is one verse out of Luke 14, the last 10 verses are the base of this writing. (25-35) These 10 verses are talking about the price we are willing to pay. Jesus is telling the people that nobody can be His disciple if you are not willing to give up all your possessions, I think that this is not only a message for the people where Jesus was talking to but, I think that Jesus is talking to us as well.
I don’t think that we as Christians  immediately have sell or give away everything we have no, that is not what Jesus is asking from us I think that Jesus is asking from us that we are willing to give up everything we have. Are you willing to give everything you have away for Jesus? In other words will you do everything to follow Jesus?
Jesus Christ is asking from us that we surrender all to Him, that we give all of our live. Jesus gave His all for us and He asks the same from us, He asks from us to not give just a part of our self’s but He asks from us that we give Him everything we are to Him.
When Jesus asks you to leave everything behind and follow Him where ever He goes, what will you answer?
Bible referrers: Luke 14 (25-35), Mark 10 (17-27)
Greeitings and God bless, John

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